When our operatives are due to work within a close proximity to others whether it be contractors, employees or the general public we always ensure that safety prevails over convenience. We are able to either tent off the immediate spray zones and / or set up a perimeter with electronic sniffer devices that can monitor the air and trace levels of solvents / VOC’s. Our sniffers have both a audio and visual alarm, which can alert our on site supervisors to immediatley stop any work, warn others and invetigate the situation.

We have used this solution whilst working on building sites and within a close proximity to other contractors, our opertives are trained to evacute any contractors / people away from the immediate area in the event of an alarm. Also this has also been briefed during the main contractors site inductions.

As an option CJ Coatings offer our on site paint sprayings services using low VOC and water based products, which are ideal for not creating air pollution and habitable immediatley after application.

For more details please visit our Low VOC and water based services page.

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