This argument is becoming increasingly heated, there are many voices on both sides who have seemingly equally valid points to defend their position. For us personally, our leanings are heavily influenced by our commitment to observing and undertaking environmentally friendly practices where possible.

For a long time replacement enjoyed an unchallenged position in many commercial circles ranging from industry to retail. However with the rise of the social culture surrounding environmental awareness, encapsulated as “green thinking”, the wholesale replacement of damaged components, such as cladding and interior panels seems excessively decadent.

The primary reason for this level of decadence is due to the level of carbon emissions which result from this process. To take an example, the process of replacing an interior panel results in carbon emissions at the following stages, the sourcing of raw minerals, the manufacture of the new panel, the transport of the new panel from factory to warehouse, the transport of the panel from warehouse to site and then any emissions which result from the installation process. That is quite a carbon footprint for a single humble interior panel!

However the argument is not purely ethical, there is also a financial dimension. It is no longer cost effective to replace damaged components over repairing, it is questionable whether this was ever the case. Using professional contractors, such as ourselves, means that the same high level aesthetics can be achieved through refurbishment as can by replacing but for a fraction of the price.

When a refurbishment project is correctly undertaken the finished product can be equally as effective and of a comparable quality to brand new replacement components. This is because our refurbishment projects are not just simple aesthetic facelifts, although that is a feature. No we provide much more. To demonstrate the first stage of any refurbishment project is to assess what repairs are required to the existing interior and exterior furnishings and fixtures. Once this assessment has been completed our experienced and professional team will conduct comprehensive repairs, restoring these items to their previous standard.

Following the reparation period we work closely with you to ascertain the layout, theme and colouring of your interior or exterior. Once this has been established we implement your design, providing stunning aesthetics with durable finishes which offer longevity.

For further information about the refurbishment services we offer our clients, or to arrange a site survey, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 01908 467990. Email enquiries can be sent to us at

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