What The Client Wanted

We were contacted by KIA’a Bletchley showroom after we completed separate works at their Wolverton branch. The site in question was a completely new premises, set in a prime location and they needed their building to stand out and catch the attention of passing vehicles.

Before occupying the unit, it was previously owned by a different motoring organisation. The task was to remove all branding, colour schemes and repair any fixing holes before completing a full cladding respray.

What We Did

Cladding Panel Repairs – All of the fixing holes as requested were filled using a two part filling system, once the layers of filler had fully cured the repairs were sanded back using a very fine grain of abrasive paper to ensure a smooth finish.

Once the preparations had been completed then the areas were primed using an anti-corrosive primer.

Complete Elevated Re-Spray – Our client required the complete building (excluding the rear elevation) to be sprayed in a bright Kia red, the building previously silver had to be completely washed and degreased by hand to ensure that the surface area was completely free of any dirt, debris and contaminates.

We then masked up the immediate spray zones to ensure that all of the glazing sections, fire doors and other areas were protected from any over spray.

We as always proposed a paint system that was suitable for the both the location and the customers requirements.

Long Term Guarantee – As part of our ‘Aftercare Service’ we provided a 10 year guarantee on the coatings applied on this project

The Client’s Feedback

“We are extremely pleased with the works carried out by CJ Coatings UK, our newly acquired building needed to stand out due to its location, it definitely does now!”

We received great support from their management team to ensure schedules were met and everything was running smoothly around other contractors and new car deliveries on site.