On Site Repair Services

A lot of the jobs we encounter whilst on site are sometimes eligible for an on site repair or on site replacement. We have a number of repair and replacement services available that include Roof & Cladding Replacement, Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment, Composite Cladding Repair, Food Safe Panel Repair, Roofing & Cladding Repair and Roof Light Replacement.

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On Site Repair and Replacement Services

We have a number of on site repairs and replacement services available for a range of scenarios and business needs.

Whether you have a roof leak and need a roof panel repair or require treatment for an ongoing cut edge corrosion fault, our on site repair services will be able to help you.

We appreciate that not every treatment will be listed below, if this is the case and you require something specific, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.

On Site Replacements

  • Prevent Reoccurring Faults
  • Maintain Health & Safety
  • Range of Treatments Available
  • Nationwide Coverage

On Site Repair Testimonial

“We needed a roof panel repaired at extremely short notice. CJ Coatings where able to react quickly and in the end, replaced the panel for us. I was very impressed with the speed of which they acted and got the work completed. Thank You!”

Dean Holdsworth

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