Food Safe Panel Repairs

Avoid spreading bacteria and contaminating workspaces with a full food safe panel repair or complete clean room respray. Our skilled antibacterial sprayers are able to provide countless food safe panel repairs to ensure that consistent levels of hygiene are maintained.

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Food Safe  and Clean Room Panel Repair

Working in an environment where hygiene and food safety is essential requires a number of antibacterial considerations to help prevent and reduce the chances of contamination. Our skilled team of antibacterial sprayers complete food safe panel repairs and complete clean room panel resprays every day and look to maintain a safe and hygienic working environment.

We have experience working in a number of industries that have included but certainly not been limited to Laboratories and Engineering Hangers, Catering, Breweries and Food Production organisations so you know that your project will be completely contamination free come completion – anything less is simply not acceptable.

We complete coatings and resprays for a range of sectors that have included Healthcare, Educational, Beverage Production and Cold Storage. All of which require specialised food safe spraying or clean room repairs. Each clean room respray comes complete with a full 25 year guarantee.

We use a specialist coating that allows our food safe coatings to meet industries food safe standards. The most common antibacterial coating we apply aims to develop hygiene management, and help reduce the growth of any bacteria.

Our antibacterial spray coatings provide a number of quality features that include; a full antibacterial durable finish, contains silver which reduces the growth of bacteria, superb wear-resistance, complies with interiors with chemical and scratch resistance class 04, 05 and 06 and it also belongs to emissions class M1 for building materials.

Food Safe Spraying Benefits

  • Prevents Yeast and Mould Growth
  • Silver Prevents Bacteria
  • Scratch & Wear-Resistant
  • National Coverage

Hygienic Panel Repair Testimonial

“Our science lab needed to be re-coated as part of a full refurbishment. Our facilities manager contacted CJ Coatings and they provided a full antibacterial laboratory spray. Not once did they cause any problems, I was able to complete my work as normal through-out the process.”

Dr Anthony Clark

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