Shop Front Spraying & Refurbishment


Shopfront Refurbishment and Spraying

Now there is no need to spend large portions of your budget on a brand new shop front, when our shop front spraying services give you a low-cost solution for your refurbishment. By re-spraying the current shop front we can save you money that would normally go to having large parts of the shop front replaced.

Our coating and spraying service is professionally done to match your branding, and we can match any colour you need with our colour matching service. Spraying can be done out of hours to minimise disruption making it convenient for most high street retailers and stores.

Please visit our shop front spraying blog to see our works, also below is the question and answer section for the most common questions regarding our shop front spraying services.



Q&A – Shop Front Spraying Services Explained.


Shop Front Spraying Services


My shop fronts are anodized, can they be sprayed?

We are able to formulate a variety of coatings to suit the needs of any surface, whether its powder coated, anodized or even stainless steel. We can guarantee that with the right preparation, application and product that your shop front finish will not only look great, but the coatings will last for years to come.


My shop front frames have been hand painted, can you spray paint over them?

Regardless of the current shop front frame finish we have a process for any scenario, Hand painted finishes leave an unsightly finish and our operatives will need to either sand the paint down to a smooth consistent finish or if the paint on the frames are flaking, they will be required to strip the frames right back to the base material prior to applying the new coatings.


My shop front frames are blistered and rusty, can you spray over them?

Our operatives are all trained to high level of competency when it comes to spray painting and carrying out preparation works to shop fronts. We can strip the frames back, grind any rust spots, apply a rust treatment and then spray on new industrial grade coatings. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee any coatings that are applied to any shop front frames that have been treated for rust.  Any rust treatments are applied to hold back rust, but unfortunately no guarantee will cover any surfaces that have had any previous rust issues.


My shop has a lot of footfall; will the spraying of my shop front cause disruption?

We often provide a out of hours service, although this carries a premium rate the end client would usually prefer this as it causes less disruption to customer footfall and allows our operatives to carry out the works without having large periods of downtime.  We are happy to meet any clients on site to survey any shop front spraying works to discuss our methods and plan a flexible schedule to suit, or clients can simply ask for a online quotation for works.


My shop front frames have been damaged, can they be repaired prior to spraying or will they need to be replaced?

Our operatives are able to fill any small dents, chips and scratches to shop fronts using specific products relevant to the works required, any repairs will then be sanded down to a smooth consistent surface. These repairs will not be visible after the shop front frames have been sprayed. Send us some photos of the damages and we can advise on whether they can be repaired economically or require replacing.


What colours can my shop front be sprayed?

At CJ Coatings we employ full time colour technicians that enable us to provide a vital colour matching service that has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients. This service enables us to formulate any colour, whether it is based on a specific colour reference or to any sample that be sent to our offices.  We are able to spray a shop front any colour required.


Can my shop front be powder coated on site?

Powder coating is a process that cannot be done onsite, to bond the powder to any surface it must be baked on using an oven.  Powder coating is a factory finish that is completed off site prior to the shop front frames being installed, We offer a wet spray service that is completed on site and we can match the colour of any powder coated colour on your shop fronts.


What guarantees are offered on my shop front once it has been repaired or sprayed?

CJ Coatings offer various guarantee periods up to 25 years or even performance bonds if requested. Guarantees will vary depending on different criteria, from current surface conditions, extent of preparation works to what coatings are applied.


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Written by Terry Prokopchuk - CJ Coatings Ltd

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