About Giromax

Formed in 1996, specialising in dilapidation services, whilst providing continual training and inspection services to other competitors.  Not only this, they provide a project management service. Many of the services and products we use at CJ Coatings UK is warranty approved by Giromax.

The products and Services that Giromax provide, enable us give our customers a high quality service every time. Giromax contractors are also experienced in cladding and roofing refurbishment, by using specific Giromax Delcote systems, which means they are the right people to evaluate and site see your ongoing project.

Why We Chose To Work With Them?

At CJ Coatings UK, we decided to get in touch with Giromax, as their experience and expertise in dealing with roofing and cladding refurbishment is of a very high standard. The products they do provide, give an excellent surface for coating which is both durable and lasts longer. Also being the UK’s leading Giromax Seamsil silicone system, means that they produce the highest effective services.

As our team are fully trained, we are able to complete refurbishment using Giromax products, which provides coatings that are UV resistant, water proof, and corrosion resistant.

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