When a cladding panel becomes damaged the protective external costing is no longer able to shield the underlying metal from weather, therefore the metal becomes vulnerable to corrosion caused by the weather. Due to this it is imperative that damaged cladding panels are fixed as quickly as possible.

Other damages which cladding panels are susceptible to over time include holes, which if left untreated allow for rain water to not only trickle into the damaged panel, causing corrosion on the panels interior, but also allows for the water to cause damage to surrounding panels. The occurrence of instances such as this are not as uncommon as you would hope, resulting in increased damages and reparation costs. Therefore ensuring that damaged panels are identified quickly and then repaired is not just good for your building but also your wallet.

Due to this, it may come as no surprise that the longer a cladding panel is left damaged the greater the potential for further damage to the afflicted panels and those around it. Generally it is more cost effective and less wasteful to repair panels which are damaged than to replace the whole panel. Our experienced and professional architectural spray painters are able to effectively restore damaged panels to their original condition using a spray paint finish. Often the quality of the finish is such that the previously damaged panel is undetectable from those which surround it.

However, in some cases panels are beyond repair due to the level of damage sustained, in these cases we offer a cladding replacement service. Included within this service is the installation of new panels in conjunction with a respraying ensuring the new panel is completely integrated with those which surround it.

We specialise in the provision of a comprehensive cladding repair, cladding spray painting/refurbishment and replacement service throughout the UK. The prices we charge for our cladding repair and panel fixing services are competitively low and the standard of our service is exceptional. Our services include the fixing and filling of metal cladding holes and dents, onsite spraying and the replacement of panels.

For further information about the cladding repair and panel fixing services we offer to our clients, or to arrange a site survey, a member of customer service team can be contacted by calling 0845 163 0005. Alternatively, emails can be sent to our team at: info@cjcoatings.com.

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