When selecting colour for intended powder coating work people all too often overlook the importance which colour plays. In recent years the psychology of colour has been explored extensively both academically and by businesses and corporations. The reason why colour has been given such attention is because it has a huge impact on shaping both our conscious and subliminal thoughts. This means that correctly utilising colour in your powder coating work and your branding as a whole can be highly advantageous, giving you and edge over competitors.

Research has shown that in addition to being highly influenced by colour, it can have a huge impact on the decisions we make as consumers. An example of this is the use of colour in road signs, to demonstrate it has been consistently shown that motorists respond more quickly to a red sign which says stop than a blank sign which says stop.

When it comes to selecting the right colour for your powder coating there are a number of factors to consider. For example, various groups of consumers have different reactions to an individual colour, this means that in some cases selecting one particular colour could potentially mean alienating a section of you target audience. On the other hand, strange as it may seem, if you have done your research and know which colours resonate with your various audiences and utilise these throughout your branding, including any powder coating work, you will have an advantage over them.

Collected beneath is an outline of which colours can be utilised to best effect in which industry:

Black: Due to this colours connotations of precision, strength and power, black is best suited for use in the oil, manufacturing and construction industries.

Brown: Due to its earthy, nurturing and reliable connotations, brown is perfecting suited for use in construction, real estate and ecological businesses.

Green: Here there is an overlap with some of the previously mentioned characteristics of brown. The connotations typically associated with green include natural, nurturing, calm and youthful. Due to these connotations, green is best utilised by ecological based organisations, such as human resources, medicine, tourism and science.

Blue: Due to its clean, charming and reliable characteristics blue can be seen used to good effect by companies operating in IT, legal, corporate and healthcare fields.

Purple: This colour can often be seen used in the signage and logos of products and services related to personal wellbeing and health. This can be attributed to the mystery associated with the colour due to its links to sensuality, religion and magic.

When it comes to the power of colour on consumer decisions we have barely scratched the surface. If you would like further information about the impact colour may have on your business, or for help in selecting the best colour for your upcoming powder coating work, a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 0845 163 0005.


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