Typically metal cladding can be found layered over the outside of industrial and commercial units. However this cladding can also be found on the interior of these buildings. Increasingly business owners are asking us how they can prevent their cladding becoming damaged in order to avoid the subsequent problems which arise as a result of this damage.

But how does cladding become damaged?

In most cases cladding is manufactured using corrugated metal which has a protective layer. This protective layer consists of “Plastisol” which is comprised of polyvinyl chloride. Often this is then overlain with an acrylic resin, polyvinylidene fluoride, known as PVDF. Each of these compounds is malleable, therefore the surface can become cracked if exposed to extreme temperatures. Over time these compounds can degrade, especially if they are in environments where they are regularly bumped or knocked.

Why is it a problem if cladding becomes damaged?

If the coating of cladding fails then moisture is able to seep into the substrate. If left unchecked this can result in permanent damage to the claddings infrastructure.

This process can be avoided simply through the application of paint to the cladding. This is because the paint acts as a safeguard for the metal and therefore the building. A further advantage of spraying cladding is that it is far cheaper than performing repair work, however it does not serve as a substitute if damage has already occurred.

A number of coatings exist which have been specifically designed for use with cladding, often these coatings are both waterproof and anti-corrosive, protecting the metal underneath. Due to the popularity of coatings for cladding panels, these paints are now available in a wide range of colours.

However it is not just on the exterior where painting cladding provides effective damage prevention, this can also be done on the interior. When cladding painting is done on the interior of a building it can also provide an effective restoration, breathing new life into the premises.

CJ Coatings Nationwide specialise in both spraying and repairing cladding. Over our extensive years of operation we have learned that the best approach is to liaise with our clients in order to survey, evaluate and provide cost effective solutions to their cladding requirements. The first stage of which is to assess if any damage has been caused to the cladding. For further information a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 0845 163 0005.

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