Businesses all require a high standard of safety when it comes down to food safe rooms. These areas often require regular recoating in order to maintain these high levels. However, since businesses which utilise these rooms often rely heavily on them for both the continuation of their business and income it is imperative that any recoating work conducted in these areas is done quickly and effectively.

Increasingly, we are seeing companies and businesses select spraying as their preferred means of recoating their food safe areas and clean rooms. Utilising this method has a number of advantages. Due to the way in which paint is applied when spraying it is much faster than conventional methods. To demonstrate, an area can be sprayed in half the time it would take to paint by brush and a quarter of the time it would take to paint using rollers. This means that there is a far smaller amount of down time required to complete the project resulting in a minimum disruption to business. Also since spraying takes less time it is cheaper when compared with other methods.

However, when we undertake food safe and clean room spraying our operations are not strictly limited to re-spraying. Prior to the commencement of work a member of our team will assess the room or area where work will be undertaken. As part of this assessment they will identify any areas of the cladding panels which have become damaged. Then as part of the work we subsequently undertake, if desired, we will repair or replace these panels depending on the extent of the damage. This approach will leave your food safe and clean room in a brand new condition following our work.

At CJ Coatings Nationwide during our 27 years of operation we have undertaken a wide number of projects providing spraying services for food safe areas and clean rooms. As part of these projects we have worked in a wide range of environments, including bakeries, laboratories and food processing plants. When using our services you can rest assured that all of our operatives conduct their work with care and have good levels of knowledge and experience conducting work within food safe environments.

We pride ourselves on the competitiveness of our pricing for projects, enabling us to provide a cost effective service for any and all work required in food safe areas, without compromise to the levels of hygiene or risk of the occurrence of cross contamination.

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