When it comes to furnishing an office the financial cost associated with this process can be substantial. However it is often viewed as a necessary expense to ensure that the working environment of your employees is both comfortable and functional. Furniture which shows wear and tear can have a negative impact on how your business is perceived.

However there is a means of giving your furniture a face lift, providing that shabby chic vibe, without paying for a complete refit. This alternative comes in the form of refurbishment, the benefits of which are not merely aesthetic, they are also financial providing exceptional savings. This process provides an effective means of revamping your office area, filing cabinets can be recoated using spray paint as can the frame work of chairs and desks. To provide a fully integrated revamp you can even recoat office partitioning and lift doors. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to take your refurbishment!

When you employ the services of a professional company, like CJ Coatings UK, refurbishing furniture is easy. Such a company will be able to provide a re-coat service onsite and with modern paint application processes such as electrostatic spraying, this process can often be completed in a live environment. This means that there is minimal disruption to the daily running of your business, as such work is often undertaken out of hours.

Advantages of refurbishing furniture:

  • Timing your refurbishment at the same time as a rebrand enables you to kill two birds with one stone, as you can select colours which match your new branding enabling you to provide a new and uniformed appearance.
  • Refurbishing furniture will save you substantial amounts of money as it is significantly cheaper than purchasing new items.
  • With our mobile colour match laboratory we can easily match your desired colour enabling you to select your desired colour for your refurbished furniture.
  • Refurbishment is far more environmentally friendly than replacing furniture. This is due to the smaller resultant carbon footprint, which is good for both your business and the world at large.
  • In order to respray as part of a refurbishment, furniture does not have to be removed, and any contents contained within, such as filing cabinets does not have to be taken out. Resulting in minimum stress and disruption for you.
  • All renovations of furniture can be conducted on site at a time which is most preferable to you. Ensuring the impact of the refurbishment on your life is minimal.
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