Respraying your kitchen units and cupboards is an excellent way of breathing new life into your kitchen area, whether this is part of a kitchen revamp or just to refresh dated furnishings, without having to spend a small fortune on new fittings. You will also enjoy further benefits as it is more environmentally friendly, due to the smaller carbon footprint.

We have provided a guide to help you respray your kitchen units, by following each stage of this guide you will not have stunning new kitchen units, you will also minimise the amount of disruption the project has on your personal life.

Choose the right paint colour:

Two paint finishes are typically utilised in kitchen units, gloss and eggshell, due to the durable and hardwearing surface which they provide. Each have their own benefits and shortcomings. Gloss for instance is aesthetically stunning, however it highlights any defects in the underlying surface and takes skill to get right. Whilst eggshell is far easier to get that perfect finish with.

Whether to remove the units:

Removing the unit may seem the obvious answer, however and perhaps perversely it is better to spray units as they are fitted. As you are easily able to spray all the surfaces in one go, however make sure to remove all handles and knobs before commencing the respray.


Before spraying any of your kitchen units, make sure to give them a thorough clean. By using a multi-purpose liquid cleaner to remove any and all grease from the unit’s surface you are ensuring that the respray when applied will have the best effects. Also take this time to cover and mask any surrounding surfaces, to avoid overspray.


This process involves two stages, priming and undercoat. If you respraying a wooden surface then you should use a wood primer or multipurpose primer. If however you are respraying a laminate surface then use a melamine primer. In most cases one coat should be enough, however it you are priming a dark surface then two may be required.

When it comes to the undercoat one coat should suffice. Following this apply the final spray to the surface, take your time to ensure the best effects.

Respraying kitchen units yourself can be troublesome, to ensure the best results we advise you utilise a professional service. CJ Coatings Nationwide offer kitchen unit respraying services, for further information a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 01908 467990.

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