Prior to conducting repairs on Kingspan Panels, it is imperative to ensure that the surface has been cleaned and then left to dry. Surface preparation is a key part of cladding panel repairs and should not be overlooked. In addition, where possible, preparation should be undertaken by specialist contractors.

Collected below is an outline of recommended repair procedures on a number of common damages which occur on Kingspan Panels.

Dents: In cases where the external steel sheet of the panel has become dented, but the panel’s coating has been neither scratched nor damaged, then treated is not actually required. However, for purely aesthetic purposes “repairs” may be desired, for further information see indentations beneath.

Minor Scuffs: panels can become damaged at various points of their lifetime, whether this be during erection, whilst in use or handling. In such cases, repair work is not necessary unless the panel’s external paintwork has become damaged.

Over Painting: Any and all over painting performed on Kingspan Panels should be done so by professional contractors and specialist repair companies, who utilise approved maintenance paints. Please note, cellulose based paints should never be used on Kingspan Panels.

Indentations: When repairing indentations follow the five stage process beneath:

  1. Remove all paint from the affected area, this should be done using abrasive disc, then feather out the area. Following this, blow off all excess dust and wipe the surface down with professional panel wipes.
  2. In accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, mix and apply multipurpose body filler to the damaged area. Take specific care to avoid applying it to any surrounding paint work, as all panel profiles should be matched in the repair.
  3. Use the process outlined in step one on the filled in area in order to ensure that the filled area is finished.
  4. Check the repair area. Once this is satisfactory, apply a primer, ensure the primer is applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. When applying the primer, ensure that the spray area is kept to a minimum and take specific care to avoid hard edges. Allow the primer to dry in accordance with the paint manufacturers specifications.
  5. Finally, apply a suitable paint system for the panel’s topcoat, once applied bake in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s specifications.

Selecting the correct reparation process for Kingspan Panels can prove troublesome, at CJ Coatings Nationwide we are highly experienced in performing repair work on Kingspan Panels. Our experience enables us to provide comprehensive advice enabling you to select the optimum solution for your specific requirements.

For further information, our customer service team can be contacted by calling 01908 467990, or by email at

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