Generally, an industrial floor coating should be renewed no less than once every two years. However in some cases, due to premature damage to the coating, the coating may have to be renewed more frequently. Two common causes of premature damage are failure of the previous coating and visible damage to the underlying substrate.

Failure of a paint coating can be observed through peeling, bubbling and scuffing, if these are left then they can result in damage to the underlying floor substrate, which can in turn result in a financially costly replacement. Damage to the flooring substrate, however, can be attributed to numerous reasons ranging from defects resulting from the original installation, such as honeycombs and voids, to damage which has resulted following installation such as chemical exposure, wear and impact damage.

Damage can compromise the ability of your industrial flooring to do what it needs to do. Industrial flooring needs to be strong enough and tough enough to withstand the following:

  • Any and all liquid or chemical spills which the floor may be exposed to, this can include waters, oils, alkalis and acids. A breach in the flooring coating means that the underlying substrate is no longer protected from these liquids.
  • The general abrasion and wear which results from the daily traffic within your industrial interior. This includes the movement of fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and other vehicles across the floor, if these vehicles are exposed directly to the flooring substrate damage can result.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that the majority of paints designed for use as an industrial flooring coating are specifically designed to withstand the daily wear and tear inherent within these environments. The best of the heavy duty paints available for use on industrial flooring are two-part epoxy resin based.

In order for an industrial flooring recoating to be effective requires more than the selection of a specific paint. The floor will need to be prepped and any existing damage repaired, whether this is the simple filling of a void, or replacing an area of the flooring substrate which has become compromised. Applying a coating to a properly prepped flooring substrate will ensure the best results in terms of durability and longevity.

CJ Coatings Nationwide are highly experienced in prepping and re-coating industrial floors. Our dedicated, qualified technicians possess both the experience and workmanship to complete projects promptly to our trademark standard of quality. For further information, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 01908 467990 or by email to

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