Can You Paint in Cold WeatherTwo main factors commonly found during cold weather, low temperature and increased moisture levels, can have an adverse effect on the application of paint. Due to this painting structural metal should not, if it can be avoided, attempted during cold or wet weather. Adversely, perhaps, the winter period is one of the best times to paint interior metalwork. This is due to the fact that inclement temperature will have no effect.

However if there is no alternative, exterior metalwork can be painted during the winter months. In order to do this it is imperative that guidelines for painting in cold and wet temperatures are observed.

Five Top Tips For Painting Exterior Metalwork During Cold and Wet Weather:

  • Take the time to check what the required temperature range is for the specific coat to adequately cure. There are a number of 2 pack paint systems that have separate curing agents that have been specifically designed to work in cold temperatures.
  • Correctly prepare the metalwork’s surface. To do this you should ensure that all moisture has been removed, this will prevent the paint from adequately adhering to its surface. It is important to remember than in sub-zero temperatures surface moisture may not be observable. In especially cold environments and temperatures, frost may have to be physically scraped from the metalwork’sCold Weather Can You Paint External Metal surface, to ensure that no longer moisture remains which will compromise the coating.
  • If you are using paint coatings which require extended curing times when applied in cold temperatures then an effort should be made to ensure that the surface is protected during this time period. Failure to do this could result in the paint’s coating becoming permanently marked during the curing period where it is still soft.
  • If using a cold cure paint system ensure you observe the adequate amount of induction time. The induction time is the time period required for it to mix correctly once the curing agent has been added to the paint. Observing this time period ensures that the chemical agents mix correctly together in order to ensure that once applied the paint will dry properly.
  • Even if you have ensured that the paint is being applied to your external metalwork during a period where the temperature is at an optimum level, make sure you check the weather forecast for the next few days. Ideally you should check the next 48 hours before beginning to see if colder weather is predicted. If this is the case postpone painting.
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