Over time, kitchen units can begin to look tired and dated. This can be attributed to the progressive wear and tear of frequent use, or equally it can be due to the fact that previously fashionable kitchen units have been unable to keep up with the tastes of the times, and as a result are a source of minor embarrassment. In both of these cases, many homeowners are looking for cost effective means of revamping their kitchen units without the substantial financial expense of purchasing new ones.

New Life into Kitchen UnitsIn both of these cases, spraying these units is an excellent means of not only improving the overall aesthetics of these units, but also of providing a protective coating which prevents the occurrence of further damage to the underlying substrate.

Spraying has become a popular means of revamping kitchen units due to the fact that it is incredibly low cost when compared with other means, or the cost of purchasing replacement units. However spraying is also exceedingly popular due to the vast selection of coatings available, both in terms of colour and also in terms of the coating finish itself. Spray coatings that create gloss and matt finishes have become exceedingly popular, as have more contemporary spray paint types such as those that contain metal and achieve a metallic finish once applied.

Breathing new life into your kitchen units through spraying can be easily achieved by utilising the services of an offsite spraying company, like CJ Coatings Nationwide. A company of this nature will take your kitchen units to their own premises where they will have a spray booth. Customers are increasingly opting for offsite spraying services for a number of reasons:

  • Hassle Free: Since the spraying is performed away from your home or premises, the project does not result in a disruption to your daily activities, meaning life can continue as usual whilst the work is completed.
  • Quick Turnaround: Offsite spraying is like any other service, simply arrange when you would like the project to begin and when you would like it to end. Then the company will promptly complete your kitchen unit spray service in line with your timescales.
  • Unlimited Options For Customisation: Unlike purchasing a new unit, offsite kitchen unit spraying enables you to select the exact colour that you desire for your units. This enables you to select colours that will allow your newly revamped units to be easily integrated into the appearance of the rest of your kitchen.
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