Winter will soon be upon us, therefore it is imperative that during the remaining time correct preventative measures are taken to ensure that your building and its contents are protected by getting your roof and associated fittings in optimum condition. Having your roof in optimum condition before winter is the best way of ensuring that the many weather conditions, heavy rain, snow and strong winds, can be withstood.

When it comes to the roof itself, any leaks or other problems experienced during the winter can be doubly difficult to solve. This is due to weather and temperature conditions that make the solving of these issues more difficult and complex.

Protect your Building and Contents Protect your RoofIn order to ensure your roof is in the best possible condition this winter, here are a number of tips:

  • Check that the roof is kept clean, one of the leading contributing factors to leaks and roof damage is build ups of debris on the roof. Checking that your roof is free from debris, including dead leaves, branches and rubbish, is one of the best preventative measures.
  • Clean all gutters, maintaining the gutters clean means that they will function correctly. This allows water to run away from your premises and prevents it from overflowing back into your building.
  • Inspect the interior for signs or evidence of leaking. Roof leaks often leave evidence within the interior of a building, this usually includes stains on the ceiling or damp and wet areas in the elevations of the interior. If there is no evidence this does not necessarily mean a leak free roof, this is because some leaks are hidden and only reveal themselves when damage has been done. The best prevention is to have a dedicated company inspect your roofing.
  • Remove all snow when possible. If snow does occur during the winter months it is best to have it removed at the first possible opportunity. If left, snow can cause damage to roofing and in worse case scenarios for the roof itself to collapse. To avoid this, use either a shovel or a rake to remove the snow from your roof.
  • If in any doubt about the condition of your roof, have a dedicated company visit your premises and perform an inspection.

CJ Coatings Nationwide are a dedicated commercial roof restoration and reparation company, with diverse experience performing restoration on a range of applications. For further information about our services, or to arrange an onsite survey of your roof, a member of our dedicated customer service can be contacted by calling: 01908 953 710.

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