Here at CJ Coatings Nationwide we are proud to announce that we have recently registered with Constructionline. But what does this mean? With all of the third party organisations in existence that offer industry standardisation, it can be easy to become confused as to what they actually represent and offer.

Constructionline is the single largest register of construction industry contractors and consultants in the UK. Due to the high quality standardisation ensured by the stringent regulations that companies are required to fulfil in order to gain membership, it is unsurprising that many in the construction industry regard Constructionline registered entities as those in the best position to fulfil their service requirements. This is demonstrated by the over 8,000 key decision makers and 2,000 plus buying organisations that utilise Constructionline in order to source high quality supplies and suppliers for their projects.

To ensure that only the highest quality service providers and suppliers obtain Constructionline registration the company operates a strict certification criteria. In order to gain certification, a supplier is required to demonstrate an ability to perform to a standard that is both transparent and consistent.

We Are Registered With ConstructionlineTo demonstrate this, a company has to successfully conform to standards over eleven dedicated areas. These include:

  • Main Details: This section requires for the full contact details associated with the applicant to be provided, this is to ensure that buyers have access to relevant and accurate contact information about the applicant.
  • Business and Professional Standing: This section requires a full disclosure about any and all Directors, Partners and shareholders involved with the company, in addition any and all offences committed by the business must be disclosed. This is because Constructionline will only contract with bona fide businesses.
  • Financial: To offer their buyers access to companies that are financially stable a full annual account of the applicant company must be supplied.
  • Insurances: Applicants must prove that they have the right insurances for the work they undertake in order to gain Constructionline registration.
  • Areas of Operation: In order to ensure that Constructionline’s buyers are able to select the service providers that are most relevant to their requirements, applicants are required to provide detailed explanations of their areas of operation.

We are proud to announce membership to Constructionline, not just because of the exceptional opportunities it creates for our business, but also because it is a clear demonstration of the quality and integrity of our business and the projects we undertake on behalf of our clients.

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