Due to the high levels of both reliability and endurance, Kingspan CleanSafe Panels have become exceedingly popular. These panels are coated using the Kingspan CleanSafe coatings that have been specifically designed for use within controlled environments. In order to guarantee the optimum performance, a number of different coatings are available. Each of these coatings has its own particular properties, befitting it to the individual environment.

However, once CleanSafe Panels have been deployed it is incredibly important that regular maintenance and efforts are taken to ensure that the coatings on these panels is preserved and therefore, so is the protection afforded by the panelling.

CJ Coatings Nationwide offer a dedicated CleanSafe Panel repair service, the quality of our service is such that all work undertaken by us maintains the Kingspan warranty on the panelling. When conducting these services  on behalf of our clients we perform the following checks:

  • Dirt retention: this could cause the panelling’s coating to breakdown, in order to remove this we perform a thorough clean across the entirety of the panelling.
  • The condition of the coating: We gauge the current condition of the panel’s coating, checking specifically for cracks, flaking and discolouration. Where these things are found we assess the severity of the damage and conduct repairs.
  • Scratches and dents: If these exist within the panelling they can cause corrosion of the metal substrate. In order to effectively remedy scratches and dents we first assess the extent and type of damage and then perform repairs.
  • Flashing fixing screws: Where these are found they can result in rust staining and mechanical failure. We check the grip of all screws as part of our remedial work. Where loose screws are found that cannot be tightened we deploy longer screws.
  • Cold bridging: This often arises on panelling long before it is suspected, its symptoms include condensation and the formation of ice. We address the problems causing this and repair all existent damage that has resulted.

We understand that downtime within your controlled environment is often not an option due to your operational commitments. Therefore, where possible we undertake all repairs to Kingspan CleanSafe panelling during scheduled cleaning periods. All our repair services in this area are competitively priced and completed to our trademark high standard.

For further information about our CleanSafe panelling repair service, or for further information about how we maintain the warranty with our operations, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01708 467990.

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