Due to the financial downturn that has affected many businesses operating within the industrial sector over the last few years, entities have been looking for cost effective means of uplifting their buildings. One of the key ways in which these entities have succeeded in increasing the aesthetics of their buildings and how their business is perceived is through the effective refurbishment of their window frames.

The benefits of refurbishing your industrial window frames include:

  • Lifting and improving the overall aesthetics of the building, by repairing and recoating the window frames. When these entities have been successfully resprayed they offer a superior impression of your business to clients new and old.
  • A fresh coating of paint on your window frames will not only make them look great, it will also provide a protective layer over the metal. This prevents the occurrence of corrosion and other damage.
  • Metal areas of buildings, such as window frames, that have a complete and intact coating of paint on them will enhance the overall integrity of the building.
  • Refurbishing your industrial window frames is an excellent means of saving both energy and finances. This is due to the fact that ensuring your window frames are in good condition, through regular refurbishments enhances their longevity, meaning there is no financial expense or cost to the environment resulting from having to replace these features.
  • Refurbishment provides a cost effective means of restoring your window frames to their former glory. This includes instances of both rust and dents to the frames, as part of our refurbishment project we can repair these areas, prior to performing the recoat.
  • Perhaps best of all, new coatings can be selected in any colour. This means you can match your existing colours or use the refurbishment as an excuse for a rebrand. Even if you do not know the code or specification of your desired colour then it can still be selected with our dedicated colour matching service.
  • Performing a refurbishment through a spray based recoat is a quick and easy process. This means that the resultant disruption to your business activities is minimal.
  • We offer spray paints that are resistant to both UV rays and extreme temperatures. This means that the colour will provide greater longevity and will not blister of fade due to exposure.

For further information about our dedicated industrial window refurbishment service, or to arrange a survey of your premises, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 467990.

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