Does the floor within your industrial building look like it needs a bit of a re-vamp? We have only the best, top quality equipment to ensure you that your flooring to look as good as new. We are going to explain the benefits of having industrial floor coating, and why it will enhance the interior aesthetics of your building.

About our floor coating?

Keeping in mind the importance of making sure that the floor coating encounters the health and safety procedures within any building related industry. The floor coating is highly resistant against hazards, such as: Chemical Spillages. Therefore it won’t only stain the floor it will protect it from anything that could potentially be dangerous.

Some of the benefits of having our floor coatings:

  • Chemical Resistant.
  • Hard Wearing.
  • Abrasion Resistant.
  • Solvent Free.
  • Low Odour

Above is just a few of the reasons why getting an industrial floor coating is beneficial for any building. We also include many colours for you to choose from, such as: Light Grey, Beige and Tile Red. These sophisticated and smart colours, give off a professional and highly respected look. The technique which we use is popular with many, we have been known to provide our services for top brand companies such as: Bentley Motor Cars and Jaguar Cars. We like to provide a high class service for all of our customers, as we appreciate that the appearance of the place of work is just as important as the service that is being provided.
If you want to prevent any injuries or any potential danger from occurring within the building, then we highly recommend you getting an industrial floor coating from CJ Coating’s. With evident experience in easy accidents happening, by slipperiness and poor maintenance condition from the work place. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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