If you own an industrial, metalised building and it is starting to look dirty, disheveled and dusty. There are many ways to enhance the look of the building, using only the highest quality repair and maintenance services. We are going to explain the top reasons to get cladding repairs and why it is so important.

What are cladding repairs?

Have you ever walked past a super market, or a big industrial building and ever thought that it looks dirty and old? That is where CJ Coating’s Roofing and Cladding Services come into place, our excellent support and dedication from our team will provide you with a fresh new look on to your building. An economical and professional service which mirrors the complexity and charisma of our staff. Offering full jet washes and cleaning to ensure that the exterior of the building is kept to a high level, prestigious look to match the brand of the business.

What we offer?

At CJ Coating’s, here are a list of just some of the onsite building cleaning services we provide:

    • Full external building cleans
    • Gutter and rain water downpipe cleaning.
    • Warehouse Floor cleaning
    • Roof Tile Pressure Wash Systems
    • Construction Site Cleans

These are just a few of the cladding cleaning services which we offer here, as you can see. They all link together into making the exterior and interior of the building look and feel more aesthetically pleasing.
Do not be disheartened. If you need cladding repairs, in most cases than not it can be caused due to harsh weather conditions and corrosion. After the cladding repair has been completed, we offer a spray paint service, to expand the service which you have been given. A positive addition, meaning that the colour of the building can be re polished to match the original setting.

If you have/know of anyone who may need cladding repairs, then send them through our way. Our expert on hand team, are professionally trained into providing these services into improving the look of your building.

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