What is the process of Airless Spraying you ask? A unique, new form of spray paint application. A popular choice for many buildings and industry related settings. We are going to explain to you the process of Airless Spraying, to enhance the appearance of your building.

What is Airless Spraying?

If you’re looking to maximise the full potential of your spray paint, then take a leap into the modern generation and use our Airless Spraying technology. An intelligent way of atomising the paint particles. The bonds within the paint needs to be broken in order for the paint to bind. Therefore, when the paint is pushed through the Airless Spraying nozzle, there forms enough energy for the bonds to break.

The different components of Airless Spraying

  • The Guard – Also known as the ‘Tip Guard’, prevents the user of the airless spraying to stay away of the tip.
  • The Fluid Valve – The valve controls the amount of fluid which is entering through the nozzle.
  • The Trigger – When the trigger is pulled, that is when the fluid is then activated.

Why get Airless Spraying?

Airless Spraying is the perfect solution for a smooth, slick and sleek paint work finish on to your building. The process is straight forward, and it has become a very popular choice for many people who may own industrial buildings. If you’re looking for a cheaper and easier form of onsite and offsite spray painting, then Airless Spraying is the one for you.
Available for both Cladding and Roof Painting systems. It will create a high end noticeable finish. With respectful low pricing and speciality of our colour matching service, you will not have to worry about the paint work on your building not matching as we will get it as close, if not exactly the same as the original colour.

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