A bit of a silly statement, we know! However, the importance of fire Preventation & Intumescent Coatings isn’t one which is on everyone’s minds. And If were asked, I’m sure a vast majority wouldn’t know the exact reason, or how us here at CJ Coatings Nationwide deal with the matter. Below, we have collated some reasons as to why it is so important. Hoping to encourage and explain to you, why you should consider getting Intumescent Coating for your flooring.

Quick Information on Intumescent Coatings

  • Form passive fire resistance
  • Aims to contain the fire, by delaying the damage caused to the building structure.
  • Designed to protect metal structures.

We have broken it down for you, to hopefully make it easier for you to understand. It’s a unique new way which to help protect the exterior of the building in case a fire broke through.

Why it may be beneficial for you?

The number 1 primarily benefit to any business it’s down to its ability to protect and prevent the risk of fire damaging the building. However, this is not the only one:

  • A potential reduce in cost down to the cost of insurance policies.
  • Providing protection to firefighters.
  • Your capital investment is protected.

The above benefits are more commercial based, rather than directly to the business. Which means it’s a no brainer whether to invest in Fire Preventation & Intumescent Coatings, if it can benefit the business in more than one way.
Why come to CJ Coatings Nationwide?
With over 30 years’ worth of experience within this industry, we have only the best and knowledgeable experts on board to ensure that your service is filled to its full maximum potential. If you ever find yourself looking to get Fire Preventation & Intumescent Coatings to add to your business. Then look no further than CJ Coatings Nationwide, we have the upmost skills to get you what you need.

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