From time to time, the exterior of your building is going to start to either deteriorate or look like it needs a good clean! That is why at CJ Coatings Nationwide, we offer our industrial Jet Washing services, specifically designed for buildings and elevations of all sizes. For those who are unsure, we have gathered some information on The Process of Industrial Jet Washing, hoping that this will persuade you into thinking that this is a beneficial service for you and your company.

What is Industrial Jet washing?

Suitable for any type of building, for example; Cladding, Curtain Walling, Brick or even Stone. Our powerful Jet Washing machine can clean any material. The main purpose of Industrial Jet Washing is to clean away any unwanted dirt/grime from your building. A quick and easy way, that is costly and environmentally effective. We have worked with some of the top names, such as; ASDA, Waitrose and Tesco. Appreciating that the exterior of your building can be just as important as what’s going on the inside. Our highly IPAF, CSCS and First Aid trained team are the right people for the job.

Some of our Onsite Building Cleaning Services:

  • Full External Building Cleans
  • Gutter and Rain Water Downpipe Cleaning
  • Mobile Blasting Services
  • Roof Tile Pressure Wash Systems

Why get Industrial Jet Washing?

If you’ve noticed that your building is due its annual clean, then look no further than CJ Coatings Nationwide. We have over 30 years’ worth of experience, and have collated many expert knowledge on the way. To ensure you that your service with us is the best that it possibly can be.
You do not need to look elsewhere for a local, friendly and professional team to provide you Industrial Cleaning services. A customer 100% satisfaction, is what we strive for, and we promise to pursue your service to its full potential.

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