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What The Client Wanted

CJ Coatings Nationwide were approached by a company whose sites we had previously worked on, but had never done any work directly for them in the past.

The job we were asked to do was to repair and respray damaged cladding as certain fixed elements of the building had been removed as part of a nationwide refurbishment project.

What We Did

When we initially attended the site there was a lot of traffic on site with other contractors and it was agreed with the client that we should attend site when the ground works had cleared up.

When we attended site the second time we therefore had unrestricted access to the areas we needed to reach.

There were many holes present due to signs, alarms and other fixings and on microrib panels these required a lot of time per repair to build the profile back into the cladding.

Once all repairs had been completed (some of which were harder due to size), each panel had to be fully sprayed individually due to the silver colour being difficult to blend.

There were many obstacles present in this job as there was a lot of work being carried out around us and whilst the store was still trading. The job was completed within the allocated time resulting in a happy client.

The Client’s Feedback

“CJ Coatings Nationwide completed cladding repairs and spraying for us on a project in Cumbria, their quality was excellent and they completed the works efficiently. I would certainly recommend their services.”