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What The Client Wanted

Our client contacted us in order to assist them with one of their allocated B&Q refurbishments. The project in question was to make good two cladded elevations that had hundreds of fixing holes as a result of signage being removed.

What We Did

Cladding Panel Repairs – Both of the elevations were cladded with microrib profiled panels. In order to make good all of the fixing holes, the filling had to be cut back into the existing profiles, the operatives needed to replicate the existing microrib profile using filler and a straight edge. Once the filling had been completed, all repairs were sanded back using a fine grade abrasive paper and primed, our operatives then sprayed the complete elevation in a specific metallic silver in the proposed paint system.

Long Term Guarantee – As part of our ‘Aftercare Service’ we provided a 25 year guarantee on the coatings applied on this project. All of our on site paint spraying come with this fantastic offer.

The Client’s Feedback

“After the removal of the old signage, there was a significant number of holes left visible on our exterior cladding. We chose to get this repaired immediately and employed the services of CJ Coatings Nationwide. The work that the technicians did was and remains to be fantastic. There are no visible signs of the previous signage and the cladding looks as good as new. You would never have known that a sign was there previously”