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What The Client Wanted

Our client approached us in regards to spray painting hundreds of prefabricated stainless steel brackets on site in Reading.

The brackets are to support the external solar shades.

The client did not want the brackets to be left unfinished and as a result we were contracted to paint all the brackets in matching shade of grey.

What We Did

Spray Painting – The first thing we needed to do was to propose a suitable paint system that would adhere to stainless steel.

We produced a sample, taken from the client which could be tested. Once the sample was accepted, our operatives attended site to commence the works.

The paint proposed was suitable for applying direct to the substrate and guaranteed to last in aggressive environments.

Long Term Guarantee – As part of our ‘Aftercare Service’ we provided a 10 year guarantee on the coatings applied on this project.

The Client’s Feedback

“We employed the services of CJ Coatings Nationwide after a recommendation.

We needed all of the stainless steel brackets resprayed and matched to solar shade fixing.

This was done after a sample was taken with minimal fuss. We are very happy with the work that has been completed”