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What The Client Wanted

The client approached us as the floor in their vehicle pre delivery inspection unit in Milton Keynes was in need of some serious work. There were holes and dents in the concrete and appeared dull and in need of life.

As this is a pre delivery unit the floor is of the upmost important to ensure the customer receives their car in brand new condition.

What We Did

CJ Coatings Nationwide Ltd accommodated the clients need for the works to be completed out of hours and over the weekend. This was to reduce delay on any of their work.

There were many obstacles that we had to overcome, for instance the two post car lifts and other various fixed objects, which required the upmost skill and attention to manoeuvre around them. The machine we use to blast the floor has a hose connected to it to remove all the debris and dust that is brought up and hoovered out into a stationary lorry.

Once the floor had been blasted we then moved on to filling all the dents and holes in which created a smooth even surface ready to be coated.

Even though the turn around time required on this job was quick (two days over the weekend) there was no loss in quality. We achieved this by allocating additional labour and working through the night.

The project was finished on time and on budget which left a happy customer and as you can see from the photos it looks completely different and full of life.

The Client’s Feedback

“Made our tired floor look brand new like it was years ago, great work! I couldn’t fault a single thing if I wanted to.”