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What The Client Wanted

This large listed building consisted of over 4,000m sq of industrial cladding panels spread across three elevations and required some heavy-duty cladding panel repairs. The original factory finished coatings to the cladding panels, which were installed over 40 years ago were failing and peeling away from the metal alloy, so we were instructed to do some replacement work.

The landlord required a company that could both advise and implement a method to remove the existing coatings and apply new industrial grade coatings to match the same colour as the original coatings.

As this was a listed building there was very strict guidelines that has to be adhered to during repairs, and also some very tight deadlines that had financial penalties should any works run over, failing the project handover dates.

What We Did

We attended the site to review the current conditions of the building and based on a survey and many consultations, including with the heritage society, a method was approved. We then attended the site to produce a sample for the client to review before works commenced.

This project was to take several months and many man hours to complete. In order to remove the existing coatings our operatives used a combination of high pressure jet washing, this later became an issue due to scabbing still being present. As a result of this, we then had to sand blast the substrate, which was a more effective method of removal.

Once areas had been blasted we had a small window of time to ensure that the blasted alloy had to be etch primed. We then applied a high build primer and several topcoats to ensure a sufficient film thickness in line with the manufacturers guidelines.

We also did a lot of cladding panel repairs on many of the low level damage to the cladding panels prior to the application of coatings and coated other items on site such as the loading bay roller shutter boxes, footer boards, roller shutter doors, fire escapes and internal loading bay goal posts.