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What The Client Wanted

A prestigious property developer from contacted CJ Coatings Nationwide to repair and spray no.4 lift doors to match the surrounding frames at a new property they recently acquired in London.

What We Did

We have extensive experience in spraying industrial doors so when it comes to commercial/residential doors we apply the same proven technique but adjust it to the size of the job.

In new developments (depending on the stage we are brought in) there may be new flooring/new decorations which the client wants to keep protected. We have to assess the situation and provide this protection. Our operatives ensured the clients brand new carpet was protected by our special sheeting that keeps the paint and the floor separate.

The original colour of the lifts didn’t fit in with the clients new colour scheme. Our highly experienced paint technicians colour matched the frames in order to spray the lifts from their current Gold and matched/sprayed in a classy Grey.

The Client’s Feedback

“Considering the very swift turn around required we were impressed with the proactive nature of C J Coatings given the very limited ‘window’ we had between finishing our works and the client delivery of new furniture, everybody’s concern being to Powder Coat doors internally when all the other decoration works and new carpets had been completed.

But sure as your word the time taken in protecting all areas and then fulfilling the works in the restricted time available was very good indeed.”