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What The Client Wanted

We were approached by our client to spray the composite cladding panels to a newly built Subway in Burton-on-Trent, the cladding manufacturer was unable to economically cost the manufacture of the panels in the required colour.

They required a complete onsite re-spray of the silver panels to the end client’s corporate colours.

What We Did

Our in house colour technicians formulated the paint in the colour and quantities required by the client.

We then established the best method of works, risks involved and appropriate plant for access, all RAMS were then submitted to the client for approval.

Once on site our teams set up a safe working zone before carrying out the preparations to the composite cladding panels, which included masking the spray areas to prevent overspray, filling of small repairs, providing a ‘key’ to the substrate and then degreasing the panels to leave a clean surface free of any dirt or contaminates.

The team then checked spraying conditions, which would have included temperature, wind speed, humidity and relevant dew point prior to apply the coatings.

Once all preparations were in place the team applied the industrial grade coatings using the HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spray System one layer at a time, during the process the operatives checked the paint film thickness to ensure a consistency of coatings as per manufacturers guidelines.

The Client’s Feedback

“We are very pleased with the results of the spraying to the panels, to be honest our client was very reserved about this method and wanted a factory finish. I now see the benefits of the HVLP spray system and the finish that can be achieved using it (with the relevant skilled people of course), myself and the client are very happy with works and your guys demonstrated a prefect job for us whilst we were present on site, well done.”