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What the client wanted

The client contacted us to enquire about a more cost effective way of dealing with damaged internal panels (hygienic), rather than replacing them which would be uneconomical and would increase time scales, materials and labour costs.

The projects were near completion and ready for handover, our client was concerned by the deadlines.

Damages included dents, scratches, scuffs and in some cases the panel surfaces had been pierced exposing the insulation in which the end client would not accept.

These snags often delay project completion, sign off and increase the likelihood of payments being withheld until addressed.

What we did

We provided our client with a comprehensive repair and re-spray to make good all damaged and cosmetic areas.

Every area we worked on was prepared by masking off surrounding areas to prevent overspray then repaired by keying up each area then filling the dent, pierce, scratch or scuff with the appropriate filler.

After repairs were completed we then applied a Food Safe primer and top coat to spray all identified panels to meet our clients requirements.

When we work in hygiene environments we ensure all our operatives abide by the strict guidelines and wear the appropriate clothing to avoid any contamination.

The client’s Feedback

Really pleased with quality and efficiency of the works carried out by CJ Coatings Nationwide. It was the first time using this company and I will recommend them in the future.