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What The Client Wanted

We were approached by a client who needed a full repair and complete respray of the lower level curtain wall cladding panels for one of their prestigious buildings in Central Milton Keynes. We carried out a full survey and presented our plan for the refurbishment works.

We were happy to hear that we had been awarded the contract and were able to begin work immediately.

What We Did

Once our respraying operative arrived on site, they completed a number of preparation exercises before spraying the area. This included covering nearby vehicles and other areas of the building that did not require a respray.

Our repair team identified the damaged area and proceeded to fill the vacant gaps within the curtain walling. Once filled, we smoothed out the panel and completed the re-spray.

We were able to colour match the panels to ensure the repaired areas matched the remainder of the building.

The Client’s Feedback

“We approached CJ Coatings Nationwide after they were recommended by one of our neighbouring companies. The gentleman that completed the survey was great, he really knew his stuff.”

“The quality of the repair is excellent, you would hardly know that there was a problem. The fact that they were able to colour match the refurbished panels was an added benefit…”