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What The Client Wanted

We were contacted by our client in Fulham as they needed a number of repairs and complete on site re-spraying of a number of curtain wall cladding panels. We assembled a small team of technicians and completed a full quotation before the works could begin

What We Did

When our technicians arrived on site it was clear to see that the level of damage caused was far greater than initially expected. The curtain walling had become the victim of some serious damages and our team set out to complete a number of repairs and re-sprays

We started by filling and sanding down the badly affected areas. Once the repair was complete, we proceeded to re-spraying the entire curtain wall area. We were asked to provide a custom bronze finish to match the existing work.

The Client’s Feedback

“We considered a number of contractors before eventually deciding to use the services of CJ Coatings Nationwide”

“The work their team was able to complete was done quickly, efficiently and at a very competitive price. We are delighted with the quality of the finished works and will certainly consider them for any future repair projects we have on site”