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What The Client Wanted

Cosworth Ltd, based in Northampton contacted us as they needed a number of repairs completing on site. Once the survey was completed, it was confirmed that there was a number of external cladding panels and door frames that required treatment.

What We Did

We put a team together and arrange a date and time that was suitable to complete the necessary repairs. There was a couple of tricky works through-out this job as some of the damaged panels were at a high level.

Using our access equipment, we managed to complete a full refurbishment and colour match each panel perfectly.

The Client’s Feedback

“Very happy with the work completed, all of the technicians were very polite and did their best to avoid any disruption. Great company”

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Grey cladding panels before repair
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After repair grey cladding panels
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Blue cladding panels before repair
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Blue cladding panels after repair
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External cladding during repairs