Distribution centres and food stockists have a duty of care when it comes down to food safety. This week’s article looks into and discusses the reasons for food grade coatings and why they are so important to the catering industry.

What Are Food Grade Coatings?

There are many variants of food safe coatings out there. However, they all have the same end goal, and that is to ensure that the food manufactured or stored in a certain facility remains contamination and bacteria free.

Companies such as ourselves provide businesses with a full on site food grade spraying service to assist with this. Using a specialised coating, certified technicians are able to apply a spray coating that is highly durable, bacteria free and long lasting.

The overall aim of these coatings is to ensure that the safety of the food is never compromised. The coatings we use here at CJ Coatings UK comes with a number of benefits. These have been proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E-Coli.

Do Not Avoid Clean Room Coatings

The risks of not coating a clean room or food safe area sufficiently can be extremely costly.

Failing to ensure that food safe spraying is completed will result in the likely contamination of food products, leading to customer complaints, staff and customer illnesses, loss of sales, damaged reputation and more.

Personally, if I was taking charge of a local food storage facility – one of my first jobs would be to ensure that the storage area and handling zones where thoroughly cleaned and correctly coated.

Not only will this reduce the chances of the above points from occurring, but it will put you and your business in good stead going forward.

It is also worthwhile noting opportunities for planned maintenance. These will ensure that your food production areas are maintained regularly.

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