Finding On Site Painters

We all know that there is a hugely competitive trade industry out there. So how can you possibly identify the best tradesmen for the role? Well, this article will go through some of the most recognised practices of finding a reliable and skilled tradesmen for your business, specifically with a guide to assist with finding on site painters.

Approved Business Directories

Now first things first, it’s certainly worth diving into the local business directories. The best ones to consider are ones with a high level of credibility and those that look to complete background checks on the businesses that they approve.

Some of the most successful business directories to consider when trying to find a good on site painters are;,, and Google Places amongst a host of others. However, these guys tend to complete thorough checks on the organisations so you know that the listings that mention them and their skills will be legitimate and not SPAM.

Local Recommendations

Talk to people and business owners that you trust. If you know someone that has had a considerable amount of on site spraying completed recently, ask them for their details and see if they would recommend them to you.

Using a local company is a great way to save a little cash on your maintenance, but why’s that? Well firstly, a local business is not going to have to travel a long distance, saving fuel and travel costs that they would naturally have to include in their quotation.

Governing Bodies

Do your research. See if you can find some recognisable governing bodies for the trade that you are after. For example, if you need a reliable painter, it could be worth seeing if the Painting and Decorating Association has a list of pre-approved contractors.

Trade Associations

Now these are going to be your most reliable source of professional tradesmen and women. One of the most recognisable trade associations for the construction industry is CheckaTrade and Constructionline.

Both of these associations carry-out thorough investigations into each trade company before they are recommended and listed on their directories.

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