As a company based in Milton Keynes, we tend to get a lot of local enquiries through recommendations which is fantastic and something that we are all very proud of. So if you need a powder coating Milton Keynes, why go anywhere else? Here is exactly what you will receive whilst working alongside one of the UK’s biggest on site spraying and cladding experts.

Powder Coated Cladding Panels

So what is a powder coating? In simple terms, a powder coating provides the substrate with a stronger, more reliable coating. Powder coatings are also considered to be far more convenient and cleaner that other on site painting methods.

Powder coating methods are becoming increasingly popular in Milton Keynes and across the UK. An added bonus of powder coatings is that they are available to each cladding panel in a range of colours, making sure that you can match your buildings designs or colour schemes perfectly.

Each powder coating we provide is also incredibly environmentally friendly. So why’s that? The coatings we use do not contain any solvents, unlike traditional liquid paints.

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