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What The Client Wanted

Our client is a nationally recognised organisation. They recently expanded their existing building to include new storage space for their products and maintenance equipment. CJ Coatings Nationwide were contacted and asked to provide a survey for the external cladding spraying at both high and low levels.

We arranged for one of our spraying supervisors to complete a survey and risk assessment prior to any work taking place.

What We Did

Our supervisor filed the risk assessment and completed site survey for the client approximately 2 days after the initial visit. Our survey included the use of additional access equipment, high level spraying equipment, risk assessments and a team of 3 spraying technicians to complete the project before the deadline.

Our team attended the site and immediately started to spray the new building, starting from the top, down. Using the access equipment, our on site spraying technicians were able to complete the high level cladding sprays to a very high standard, using professional painting techniques.

The low level panels were completed the same day, once all of the high rise cladding sheets were completed and fully coated.

On completion of the spraying, our supervisor returned to site and completed a full evaluation of the work completed by CJ Coatings Nationwide Limited.

The Client’s Feedback

“CJ Coatings Nationwide had a fantastic reputation for completing these kind of external building works in good time with an excellent level of quality and professionalism. We were not disappointed. The technician that completed our survey was very knowledgeable and made a number of recommendations based on our needs.

He was very thorough with the risk assessment and considered absolutely every possibility. The work completed was done to a great standard and completed on time”

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