Through-out the construction and external building maintenance industry, there is a number of curtain walling systems in place. Different commercial buildings have different uses for each form too. This week’s article discusses the selection of curtain walling systems that are available.

There are predominantly three main types of curtain wall systems available. These include Stick Systems, Ladder Systems and Unitized Systems. All of which can include curtain wall spraying to improve the look of them.

Curtain Wall Stick Systems

When commercial panel contractors install curtain wall systems, they do so using the most popular techniques. This includes the installation of curtain wall pieces that are in the shape of long sticks. This curtain wall system is called a stick system.

The individual pieces are constructed in a workshop ready for the installation of the curtain onsite.

Ladder Systems

In a way, the ladder systems are quite similar to the stick system installation. The curtain wall ladder system consists of mullions which have the potential to be clipped, or screwed together. By doing this, it allows the walling to be fabricated in stores.

By doing this, it reduces the amount of time the curtain wall system takes to be installed onsite.

Unitized Systems

The installation of these types of curtain walls require the systems to be fabricated in a factory prior to installation. In some cases, this can include the glazing of panels within the factory too. These are arguably the most popular forms of curtain wall systems that are installed on commercial buildings.

The units are delivered to site, completely formed. The benefits of installing unitized curtain wall systems include; a quicker installation, reduced on site installation costs and a better control over the products.

Unitized curtain wall systems are popular for economic building installations and building projects.

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