Here at CJ Coatings Nationwide, we get many telephone and email enquiries with regards to external cladding panels and sheets. As a national provider of cladding repairs and commercial-grade coatings, we do whatever we can to provide our clients with a satisfactory answer.

This week we have decided to go through a few of the enquiries that we get on a regular basis and discuss how we handle them and what services are available to them. So without further ado, this is why CJ Coatings Nationwide is the UK’s number one cladding repair experts.

Popular Repair Questions

OK then – so without fail, every week we will get a call or email that includes the following question. “Is it best to clean the panels before progressing with any repairs?”

Now this varies on the severity of the damage in all honesty. Without seeing the damage, it’s hard for our repair team to provide you with a solid answer. In most cases, cladding cleaning requires high-velocity water and cleaning chemicals to be sprayed across the sheets. However, if the cladding is severely damaged, this could cause additional problems and contribute to damp and further damages.

In most scenarios, our team will complete any site cleansing while completing the repair. It may not be a full cladding clean, but enough to clear the damaged area safely, without causing harm.

We regularly come into contact with some appalling installations and damages, particularly at warehouses and distribution centres.

In 9/10 projects, we are tasked with repairing dents, scratches and significant holes in materials. We are regularly asked if it is possible to repair such damages. The answer? Absolutely!

In these scenarios our on site cladding repair team will assess the damage and devise a repair plan that involves clearing, filling, sanding back, priming and respraying the areas. By completing the cladding repairs in this way, we can maintain a consistent texture across the building, matching the colour perfectly, ensuring that the panels look as good as new.

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