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What The Client Wanted

CJ Coatings Nationwide was contacted by the Bluebird Campus in Oxford to assess and refurbish a series of external cladding panels for their building. Over the years, the painted coating had started to fade and signs of wear and tear had started to appear.

The Campus simply requested that we bring the panels back to life, restoring the colour that was there originally. This was to be completed across the entire site.

What We Did

After completing an initial quotation, our team of on site sprayers took samples of the original paint to match it correctly, ready for re-coating. However, before the coating could commence we needed to sand down and fill a small number of dent, cracks and superficial damages to the panels.

Once the basis repairs had been completed, we were able to spray coat the panels with the original shade that was added to the building more than 10-years ago.

The Client’s Feedback

“Really nice guys and the work was completed very quickly. The building now looks a lot better for it. Thank you”

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Bluebird Campus Before Spraying
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Bluebird Campus Oxford
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Bluebird Campus Side View After
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Bluebird Campus After Spraying
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Bluebird Campus Up Close