Curtain Walling systems are an outer layer of a building, made of lightweight materials. Curtain walling has a typical lifespan of 10-15 years so will need to ensure they have been appropriately coated to prevent deterioration. Coating spray is excellent for resisting environmental degradation and will not require much cleaning after that.

One of the main aspects of curtain walling is to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. Curtain walling is exceptionally flexible and can be great for an architect when looking at designing your business building. You are also able to create a custom curtain wall due to the array of colour and texture options available.

Things to consider when thinking about custom curtain walling

The first impact a business can have on a new employee, client, or simply someone walking along the street will be the exterior of a building. Improving the colour and style of the exterior will improve how the business will reflect as a whole and improve its positive image.

Completely changing the exterior of a building can be extremely costly. Therefore anything that can help to reduce this will benefit your business. It will depend on how the original curtain walling was fitted, and it can potentially be covered with a powdered coating however this has a strong tendency to fail and deteriorate.


Curtain walling can be designed to fit any structure. If a building has curves, a curtain-walling fitting can be made to measure. You can also create a variety of designs within curtain walling, due to its lightweight features it can be moulded with ease. This system can also work into creating a building structurally sound, ensuring it is stable and resistant to British weather conditions.

Curtain walling provides high thermal performance, if fitted with glass, it almost creates a greenhouse effect, insulating the building. A lot of curtain walling options also help your business become more eco-friendly by meeting energy efficiency requirements set by regulators.

Curtain walling helps prevent any moisture from entering the internal building structure. It also helps to allow filtration of natural lighting into a building reducing overall energy costs.

Glass Curtain Walling


The materials now used for curtain walling is often Aluminum which is lightweight and durable, taking a great deal of substantial punishment; however, it takes all weathers and often will not erode. Meaning that curtain walling will not rust, helping it to last long periods of time. Aluminum is also a cost-effective material, it does not cost an arm and leg to source and can also be recycled without damage making it extremely durable.

Glass is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of a building. It can keep the building warm due to the natural sunlight and tight air control. On the other hand, during the summer months, it can also help the keep the building cool, trapping colder air and ensuring less loss of energy. By introducing glass, you will also see an improved level of light entering the building. One of the main benefits of glass curtain walling is that it can allow for large amounts of light to enter office space, reducing the amount of lighting needed to be fitted into the interior. This is beneficial for anyone working inside the building, as natural light is much healthier than artificial. Happy, healthy employees promote better working and improved productivity.


As specified previously, curtain walling is one of the main defences against weathering on a building. However, they tend to suffer damage from severe weather and will fade over time due to being in direct contact with water and wind. This can downgrade the overall look of your building so it may be time to consider having the curtain walling resprayed by a professional company.

Rain Drops

Prolonging curtain walling

It cost time and money to keep on top of maintaining a buildings curtain walling. However, by maintaining curtain walling, you will extend the wear and tear process. A good way of doing this is by having the walling resprayed. The paint used to spray the building has a protective coating to improve curtain walling lifespan.

Interior curtain walling

Not only can you apply curtain walling to the exterior of a building, but you can also have curtain walling internally to segment rooms and create partitions in specific areas. Additionally, you may be thinking about restructuring the interior of your office. Curtain walling is an inexpensive option, changing the style of the rooms and size.


It may be time for your business to rebrand or you have just chosen to change the colour of your curtain walling. Curtain walling respraying is a great way to customise your building, not only does it improve and update corporate image it makes the building more aesthetically pleasing.

There is the necessary preparation that will need to go into respraying curtain walling, such as priming the walling before it can be painted. Additionally, you will need someone with expertise in this field with curtain wall spraying services.

Wooden Curtain Walling

Safety features

It may surprise you, but curtain walling is a useful safety feature for many buildings. It acts as a fire stop and will slow the process of fire spreading throughout the building. For more information on building regulations take a look at


Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, you would be surprised just how much curtain walling can protect a building. It prevents wind from entering the internal infrastructure, also improves the overall structure preventing the building from swaying in high winds.

Curtain walling is designed to prevent water from entering. It will remain waterproof as long as maintained; it is important to have the seals checked to improve its watertight features.

If using glass as part of curtain walling, you will find your business reaps a range of benefits; the building can be internally heated through the natural light. It also traps air within the structure, which can warm at a quicker rate. All these benefits will add to the building becoming much more energy efficient.

Maintaining and keeping on top of your curtain walling can improve your building structure making it more robust.

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