Across the United Kingdom car garages are renovating their interiors at the urge of the manufacturers who want dealerships to look a particular way. If someone is looking for a car you want to make a lasting impression on them, not only do you want the car to wow them you also want your dealership to have an impact. The interiors will be one of the first things that the customer will come across; you want it to look as fresh and new as possible.

Car garage

Depending on whether your car showroom is a solely owned or a dealership from a larger brand you might have to stick with certain interiors. Winter is the perfect time for you to have the interiors of you building renovated. One of your businesses primary focus will be to provide the customer with a customised and modern experience. If your vehicles have high-quality technology, you might want to look at making your interiors the same.

Jet washing

If the outside of your building is becoming a little-tired looking due to the build-up of dirt jet washing is the perfect solution. You can thoroughly clean any dust or grime away; you might have stubborn dirt that won’t move if you are to wash it yourself. If you leave contaminants such as salt, dirt and melting snow on your buildings exterior, it can have damaging effects to the paintwork. When it comes to jet washing your exteriors, you might want to bring in a professional, after all, jet washers are powerful tools and can pose safety risks. Jet washing your building is a fast and efficient way to removing dirt. A professional will also take into consideration your paintwork and will ensure that they do not cause any damage. If you do wish to jet wash the exterior of your building take a look at Screw Fix.


The harsh British winters can cause a dampening effect on a lot of buildings. With water continually running off of roofing panels, there can sometimes be damage that you might not be able to fix yourself. You will want to maintain your roof maintenance as much as possible. Especially if you have cars on the forecourt of your showroom, the last thing you want is for a tile or panel to fall on one of your brand new cars. You might also want to consider having your roof coatings reapplied as it can increase the roof life even for some of the most aged roof coatings. By having your roof panelling repaired and roof coatings resprayed you can also make your dealership more efficient. It can reduce the amount of lost energy through heating and electricity.

Asbestos cleaning

Asbestos is made up of small fibres and cannot be detected easily. Asbestos is one of the main debris or dust that you want to reduce the risk of having. It can create very harmful lasting effects to anyone in close vicinity and long periods of time. If it becomes airborne, it can be easily inhaled and can lodge in soft tissue. Often asbestos-related illnesses are undetected until years later. So as a business owner it is your duty to ensure all asbestos cleaning is maintained. There are a number of different ways to reduce the risk of asbestos such as having a special coating applied to reduce the risk. You can also have asbestos cleaners come in and clean the place down before moving into a new building. If you would like more information on asbestos and asbestos regulations, click here. If you do need asbestos cleaning services please take a look at

Outside respray

Many factors will affect the exterior paintwork of your building. If you haven’t had the exterior resprayed you will find that sunlight or UV damage can make the paintwork look dull. UV actually breaks down the paintwork and can cause flaking or fading.

Acidic rain and adverse weather can also be a cause of exterior damage. Consistent rainfall can contribute to an increase in pH levels in rainwater, when persistently on cladding it can cause corrosions and damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have it jet washed and resprayed.

Panel Respray


If you are thinking about rebranding your business internal and external renovation is a great idea. We have worked on a number of different rebranding jobs for a variety of different clients. You can take a look at our work by clicking here. Rebranding can do your business a number of favours, if you wish to reposition yourself in the market, change markets completely, become an international brand or have a bad reputation. Rebranding can instantly improve your brand identity, and sometimes is a necessity to the success of your business.


Ever wondered where the leak is coming from? Cj Coatings can provide you with complete weatherproofing. Ensuring that all areas of your building are completely protected from any adverse weather conditions. If you are an exposed building with not much around you, you might be more susceptible to weather damage, with high winds and heavy rainfall, unfortunately, these are not things we can always prevent. Car dealerships need to maintain their weather proofing, with expensive cars inside you don’t want to create more damage. Otherwise, this could be increasingly more expensive than initial repairs.


We always recommend that you never leave anything to the last minute. Often we have calls from a client who may have left something slightly too long, and the damage is already done. There are a number of different services we offer which can not only improve the aesthetic of your building but also prevent any damage from going any further. If you are thinking of rebranding, you might want to look at colour matching to a new logo or other branding colours. Onsite spraying is a great way to improve the exterior and the impression you have on your clients.

We always recommend that you maintain any asbestos cleaning and treatment. While it may not be evident to the naked eye you wouldn’t want any of your employees at risk of contracting asbestos-related illnesses later on in life.

We hope this article helped in finding out different work you can have done to your car garage. If you liked this article feel free to share on social media!

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