CJ Coatings is proud to announce we are now ICATS qualified! This means we can train all our employees in the health and safety of onsite spraying, the types of paints spraying that can be used, preparation and coating application.

We can now train all of our staff

ICATS is a structured training scheme for training and certification on industrial surface preparations and coating operatives. The training scheme comprised of six modules including health and safety, site access, application and quality control, blast cleaning, paint sprayer and supervisor.

Chris and Lee are both now qualified in ICATS training allowing them to train each member of the CJ Coatings Nationwide team. After completing the two-day course Chris and Lee now have the knowledge to be able to teach and support their teams in the coating process. Each team member will now receive the sufficient training to ensure they are safe on the job, carry out work to the best possible standard and know how to look out for any issues on site.

icats cards

The benefits of ICATs

  • CJ Coatings can now provide each client with certificates showcasing that we have a competent workforce.
  • It allows us to take on major contracts as most clients consider ICATS to be a mandatory requirement for any company putting forward for a tender.
  • When applying for a contract, our ICATS certification gives CJ Coatings a technical edge over competitors.
  • CJ Coatings clients will benefit from our certification as it establishes we are competent contractors. It also helps provide our clients with the knowledge we can minimise technical, safety and quality control of any issues on site.
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