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What The Client Wanted

Our most recent client was looking for a specialist coatings company who would be able to complete a full respray to the exterior of their industrial unit.

What We Did

Before carrying out the respray we took the time to access the exterior panels as a couple of them had damage and needed a significant amount of repairs. As the panels had been damaged over time and machinery had caused some of the damage, our specialist repair team had to take the time to fill and prep the areas ready to be recoated. Once all repairs had been finished, we then resprayed the panels in a Kingspan Goosewing Grey.

The project took around one week to complete due to all of the damages.

Services We Provided The Client

The Client’s Feedback

“The CJ Coatings team are great, not only are the professional, but they also make sure the job is done well. Would recommend to other facilities managers!”

Images Of Project

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maulden after | CJ Coatings Nationwide
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maulden before | CJ Coatings Nationwide