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What The Client Wanted

Our most recent client had Kingspan white linear panels, the cladding panel had some damage to it which caused a significant creased which desperately needed repairing.

What We Did

Our client had white linear panels which needed to be repaired due to a bad crease in the panelling. Our specialist operative had to put the profile back into the panelling, which they have been specially trained to do. For this job, we used a filler to bring the panels back to their original state and then resprayed.

Services We Provided The Client

The Client’s Feedback

“We had been suggested CJ Coatings to complete our cladding panel repairs and they did not disappoint. The team were highly professional and ensured the panel looked as good as new before they left.”

Images Of Project

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internal panel repair after | CJ Coatings Nationwide
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internal panel repair | CJ Coatings Nationwide