Our Business Certifications

Here at CJ Coatings Nationwide we strive to excel in the coatings industry. We seek to gain successful certifications to, and from organisations that encourage our business to operate consistently, responsibly and ethically.

We are listed with a number of reputable organisations, showcasing our expertise and being identified as specialists in our field.

Colour Match

NEXA Auto Colour
We have relationships with a number of highly reputable manufacturers. This allows us to provide a specialised and accurate colour matching service for all of our commercial clients. To large organisations, branding and image is everything. We are delighted to be able to meet these high standards and ensure that their organisations exterior is matching all year round.

U-POL Approved and Trained

U-POL is a world leader in refinishing products. They are recognised globally and are able to provide a consistently high standard of product. Our technicians have been trained specifically by U-POL so you can be sure that any refinishing work will be done to an exceptionally high standard. U-POL’s products have proven to be cost effective and highly efficient. A fantastic brand and an exceptional product.

Lechler Approved Applicator

Lechler specialise in the manufacture of quality spray solutions. These specialist products are used as part of our commercial coating services. Our technicians have undergone specific manufacturer training to ensure the use of these products are being used done correctly, efficiently and to a consistent high standard.

Giromax Approved Applicator

GIROMAX are arguably one of the UK’s leading product manufacturers for cladding and building coatings. They have a range of selective products that supply commercial businesses with consistent protective coatings, no matter what the weather conditions. After successfully completing the GIROMAX training, our technicians have become recommended GIROMAX applicators.


London Underground Combined Access System
The London Underground Combined Access System is a smartcard system for construction workers such as ourselves. They aim to provide access for workers who need to complete projects within the London Underground Infrastructure.

Our technicians have successfully passed the examinations and hold valid L.U.C.A.S cards, allowing us to work within the Transport for London district.